About “the Friends”

Every nonprofit institution needs friends — and the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library is no exception. Since 1998, the Friends of the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library has been an enthusiastic supporter, providing funds beyond the capabilities of the library’s budget. This longtime partnership has resulted in additional programs and purchases that enable the library to offer those “extras” that make the difference.

Chances are if you or your family have attended a children’s program, viewed a film, seen a well-known author, learned a new skill, or enjoyed a performance by a musical group at the library, the Friends were involved. People of all ages, backgrounds, and tastes can find programs of interest to them, thanks in large part to contributions by FKBCL.

Additionally, we help fund items and improvements beyond the library’s normal budget. Examples include the display cases at the branch’s entrance, the mounting system on the library’s gallery wall, and the mural that graces the east-side exterior walls.

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Know what’s happening

The completion of the new mural on the library’s eastern exterior wall is our biggest (and most visible) news of 2021. The Friends – with important help from Hughes Federal Credit Union – donated funds to create this “ode to libraries.” Click at right to learn more.


You can join Friends of the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library for a minimum $10 annual donation. Friends of the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning your donations are tax-deductible.

You can also support Friends by bringing your donations of gently used books to the branch’s front desk.  


Volunteer at book sales and other events, serve on committees, or join our Board of Directors. We always welcome enthusiastic ideas and willing hands.   Skills involving digital communications, finance, and legal matters are particularly in demand. Download our volunteer form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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