The Importance of Teen Classes and Workshops at the Library

Article by Kailyn Harwick

I recently went to a class at the library called “Water Bead Stress Ball,” a craft for teenagers and tweenagers. A stress ball is a pliable orb you can squeeze for stress relief. The water beads make it colorful.

Going into the class I was excited to learn and make a new-to-me craft. During the class I learned that a latex tree exists. I thought latex was man-made like plastic and rubber.

Water beads are water absorbent gel-like balls. Fun fact: If you need to throw the water beads
away, put them in the trash can, not down the drain, since they are water absorbent and might
expand enough to clog the drain. You can also use the water beads as soil for some plants —
you do still need to water them but no messy soil.

Who knew plastic water bottles, water, balloons, and water beads could make something so

Relieving stress is so important, which is one of the reasons classes like these are so important
to us as teens. To have a place to go and learn without judgment or prejudice. Teens also use
these classes provided by the library as a way to connect with others, learn new skills, and sharpen our minds. “I learned new and interesting things,” said one teen. “This was so fun and I’m glad the library has fun activities like this,” said another.

The room was full of laughs and contented smiles throughout the class. Getting to do hands-on
learning is amazing and insightful.

As a teen I enjoy knowing that there is a space at Kirk-Bear Canyon Library full of books made
for teens like me. A space that has an inviting atmosphere and fun weekly questions, that
everyone can answer. They are also getting new books all the time. Which means the teen area
is constantly growing and changing in so many good ways!

In conclusion I would like to say thank you to the library staff and volunteers for providing and teaching these amazing classes.

Note: Kirk-Bear Canyon Library has a Teen Advisory Board composed of teenaged residents of the area.
The Board advises staff on the best ways to serve and engage teen and tween patrons. The “teen area” – a portion of the north section of the library dedicated to teen resources – was recently remodeled. Check it out!

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