A New Mural Comes to Town

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a mural is worth many thousands of words.  Since words abound in libraries, the area’s newest public art addition is a fitting tribute to its building.

The new mural at Kirk-Bear Canyon Library “is like a giant picture book.  Every time you look at it you discover something new,” wrote a library staffer who welcomed the 800-square-foot color burst to the building.

           Friends of the Kirk-Bear Canyon Library is proud to have sponsored the creation, painted by noted Tucson muralist Joe Pagac on the north portions of the east façade of the building.   In particular, FKBCL is grateful to a Hughes Federal Credit Union community partnership, which provided most of the funds for the project.  

           The call to artists and final selection was facilitated by the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona.  In requisitioning the project, the Friends aimed to celebrate the natural ambience of the area – flora, fauna, sky, sun, mountains and springs.  “That scenery is likely to be part of what attracts residents to this horizon-dominated corner of the Tucson valley,” stated the invitation to artists. 

           Indeed, all of those things – plants, animals, horizon and sky – can be found in Pagac’s mural.   Also among them can be found whimsical human figures celebrating the magic of literature and imagination.   What could be more fitting for a library?

           The library community has welcomed the colorful addition with comments such as…

…absolutely lovely and full of story magic!

“…it’s amazing.  Such a fun wall.

…a whole gallery of happy scenes.

Gobsmacked and smiling from ear to ear. I went to pick up a Hold at the library today. When I got closer I saw the wonderful new mural. I couldn’t stop smiling. Thank you. Thank you.  What was a sad little corner is now bursting with happiness and color.”  

           For more information, be sure to read Pima County Public Library’s announcement about the project’s completion at https://www.library.pima.gov/news/joe-pagacs-mural-at-kirk-bear-canyon-is-a-colorful-ode-to-libraries/.   Better yet, if you have not already seen the mural in person, drop by the branch and take it all in! 

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